is NewSpace Global's daily news source on the NewSpace industry. We provide primary research as well as a timely aggregation of articles found on the web. Here you can find the leading live information stream composed of all the compelling NewSpace events going on around the world, sorted according to the 8 Verticals of NewSpace.

Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor
Clark Lindsey, NewSpace Watch’s Managing Editor, has been tracking the NewSpace industry for over 10 years on RLV and Space Transport News. CEOs, investment fund managers, and government decision makers have relied on Clark’s reliable, accurate, and timely information for this duration. Prior to launching RLV and Space Transport News on, Clark earned his B.A. in physics from the University of Tennessee and doctorate in experimental particle physics from the University of California at Riverside.

is an information service provider with representatives and contributors around the world. We are committed to bringing thorough and current analyses related to the business of NewSpace:an emerging global industry of private companies and entrepreneurs who primarily serve commercial customers, are backed by risk capital seeking a return, and profit from innovative products or services developed in or for space.

NewSpace Global continues to expand its vast network – built over 10 years – to develop deeper relationships with critical insiders in order to bring important market data and analyses to our subscribers, which include Fortune 500 companies, NewSpace companies, investors, universities, students, and government agencies. In addition to NewSpace Watch, NewSpace Global provides the Observer private company database, the Thruster monthly market tracking report, and three live indices tracking over 600 companies.

NSG 8 Verticals

The NSG 8 Verticals represent the primary markets of NewSpace activity. They are presented left-to-right from mature to emerging verticals, starting with the robust satellite industry and continuing into the nascent sectors of space-based mining and energy. All of the companies tracked by NewSpace Global fall into at least one of these categories. NewSpace Watch articles are categorized according to the 8 Verticals to help you focus on those topics that you find most interesting.

  1. Satellites - Suppliers, OEMs, and operators of satellites within both the mature commercial satellite industry as well as the small-sat and nano-sat industries.
  2. Launch Vehicle Providers - Both orbital and sub-orbital launch providers, suppliers, and brokers.
  3. Space Tourism - Providers, suppliers, and brokers of space-based travel and entertainment services.
  4. Microgravity Research - Innovators in biotech, biology, crystal, telecommunications, combustion, fluid, material, and nanotech research to be flown in space, as well as the brokers and providers of space flight opportunities.
  5. Spaceland - Those real estate opportunities poised to take advantage from growth in the NewSpace industry and covered in NSG RE index
  6. In-space Services - Those companies dedicated to servicing assets in space (refueling, debris removal, docking, inspection, repair, reuse).
  7. Space Resources - Companies creating value through the use of non-terrestrial resources (e.g. asteroid and lunar mining).
  8. Space-based Energy - Companies conducting energy research and energy production in space.

NSG 4 Screens

The NSG 4 Screens are the lenses through which our analysts compute the rankings of companies. They are weighted from left to right, starting with the most important, a company's management, followed by their market, their capitalization, and lastly their technology. The NSG 4 Screens are a critical part of our algorithm, and are used to put all the significant aspects of a company's success into perspective.

NSG 100 Index

The NSG 100 index is a ranking of the top 100 privately held, for-profit NewSpace Companies. Our research analysts determine the NSG 100 by employing a proprietary algorithm that evaluates each company using the "NSG 4 Screens": (i) Management, (ii) Market, (iii) Capitalization, and (iv) Technology.

Scores are based on a 100-point scale, with analysts considering over 50 questions to determine and update rankings regularly. The NSG 100 is the first index of its kind. Unlike most rankings, the NSG 100 index is live and changes daily as the NewSpace industry matures. Our analysts evaluate the impact of each event in NewSpace on every company in the industry, whether that event is a successful Falcon 9 launch by SpaceX, a regulatory change in Congress, or a management addition at SkyBox Imaging. Recognition in the NSG 100 is an achievement, and companies benefit by promoting their inclusion in the index in various media channels.

NSG "On The Bubble" Index (NSG OTB)

The NSG "On The Bubble" Index (NSG OTB) tracks up-and-coming NewSpace companies that have not yet achieved a ranking on the NSG 100 index. Many of these companies may break into the NSG 100 in the future. They are an indication of the strong growth potential of the NewSpace Industry as a whole. Similar to the NSG 100, the NSG OTB is a live index that updates as events occur.

NSG "Publicly Traded Companies" Index (NSG PTC)

Often behind closed doors with little fanfare, multi-billion dollar, multinational, public corporations from industries as disparate as biopharma, software, and insurance are investing heavily in NewSpace. The NSG Publicly Traded Companies Index (NSG PTC) is a live stock index that tracks publicly traded companies making significant investments into the NewSpace industry. Not all companies on the NSG PTC have an obvious or well-understood connection to NewSpace, but NSG analysts have determined that all are dedicating resources with the visionary mindset to generate ROI within our innovative sector.

By the same token, not all conventional aerospace corporations make the cut for the NSG PTC. Those that remain exclusively dependent on defense budgets can be tracked on other indices. Instead, we bring you an inside look at the movers and shakers of tomorrow, and a barometer to track their success. Expect continual improvements to the NSG PTC as we adapt our analyses to the ever-evolving state of publicly traded companies actively positioning themselves to profit from NewSpace. The NSG PTC complements our regular Thruster feature on publicly traded companies.

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