NewSpace Global Monthly Update - October 2013

September 26, 2013 2:03 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

September has been an active month for the industry, especially in the 2nd Vertical of Launch Vehicle Providers. ULA’s score has risen as a result of a successful launch, and Virgin Galactic flew the SpaceShipTwo again with rocket power. SpaceX experienced some minor delays with the upcoming Falcon 9 v1.1, but NSG PTC Orbital Sciences launched the Cygnus capsule to the ISS with NanoRacks and Infinity Aerospace experiments aboard. Sierra Nevada Corporation continues testing of its Dream Chaser vehicle and both Masten Space and zero2Infinity also continue to test their launch hardware. And in NSG 3rd Screen news, 1st Tier NSG 100 Equipois was recently acquired by Granite State Manufacturing.

Of course, NSG Analysts have been there to cover it all, ensuring Observer continues to be the best way to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on NewSpace, whether by tracking a company’s score and rank changes on the NSG Indices, reading relevant Thruster and NewSpace Watch articles, or seeing how a company stacks up in each of the NSG 4 Screens.

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Special Announcement

NSG is proud to announce we are the conference organizer for the upcoming “NewSpace Investor Conference” in Menlo Park, California on November 5. The event is co-sponsored by Raymond James and Milbank law firm. Steve Jurvetson, the legendary Silicon Valley investor, will be the event’s keynote speaker and the event will include panelists from many leading NewSpace companies including SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, Digital Globe, Skybox Imaging, Planet Labs, Made in Space, NanoRacks, Kymeta, Spaceflight Services, Clyde Space, XCOR, Virgin Galactic, The Climate Corporation and others.

The October Issue of Thruster

Thruster Report - Sept. 2013

We are pleased to announce the publication of the October 2013 issue of Thruster, NSG's monthly market tracking report. This issue’s theme is academia’s role in NewSpace. Universities, students, and faculty members are actively supporting the industry through innovative programs and courses. Not only do they design, build and operate rockets, satellites, lunar landers, and many other technologies, they are also providing more tools to understand how to build viable NewSpace businesses.

This month’s issue features two exclusive interviews: Lance Erickson (Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Head of the Commercial Space Operations program) and Ariane Cornell (Co-President of the Harvard Business School Aerospace & Aviation club).

In addition, NSG contributors interviewed several industry experts, including Sean Casey (Co-Founder of the Silicon Valley Space Center), Michael Paul (Team Leader of the Penn State Lunar Lions), Mikhail Kokorich (CEO of Dauria Aerospace), David Alexander (Space Studies Track Director and head of the Rice University Space Institute), Dagmar Beck (Director of the Professional Science and Engineering Master’s Programs at the Wiess School at Rice University), Glenn Lightsey (Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and CEO of Austin Satellite Design, Mason Peck (Chief Technologist at NASA and aerospace engineering professor at Cornell University), David Gerson (President of the Stanford Student Space Initiative), Thomas Zurbuchen (Professor of Space Science and Aerospace Engineering and Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan), Nan Macari (Engineering Talent Pipeline Manager at Caterpillar Inc.), Eric Reiners (Manager of Automation Systems at Caterpillar Inc.), William Pomerantz (Vice President Special Projects at Virgin Galactic), Jeffrey Forrest (Chair & Professor of Aviation & Aerospace Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver), Jeff Manber (CEO at NanoRacks), Heather Duckworth (Graduate of Caltech’s Aerospace Engineering Master’s program), Maarten Haneveer (Head of Public Relations for Project Stratos at Delft University), Maria Cecilia (Professor at Federal University of Minas Gerais), Paolo Gessini (Head of the Electric Propulsion Group at University of Brasilia and co-founder of Mars Space Ltd), James Casler (Professor at the University of North Dakota’s Space Studies Department), Jason Held (CEO at Saber Astronautics), Juan Pablo Salazar (Professor of aerospace engineering at Federal University of Santa Catarina), and Craig Underwood (Deputy Director of the Surrey Space Center).

Basic, Premium, or Elite subscribers can access Thruster by going to, logging in, and clicking on the October 2013 cover. Remember, you can access the issue either online or as a downloadable PDF. However, the online version has several enhanced features not available in the PDF. Next month, Thruster contributors will revisit the 1st Screen - Management  - in the November 2013 issue.


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NSG Events

As a reminder of our global presence in NewSpace, NSG attended or will attend the following events:

  • Clark S. Lindsey, Managing Editor of NewSpace Watch, attended the 12th Annual Soirée Suisse at the Swiss Embassy in Washington DC on September 18.

  • Richard M. David will be speaking at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as part of their Commercial Space Operations seminar series on September 25, the New York Angels meeting on September 27, the “Silicon Valley in Space: Building Interstellar Enterprises” event hosted by Silicon Valley Space Center and CASIS and at “Space Startups” at Paypal’s San Jose Headquarters both on October 17.

  • Franklin Moore will be photographing the upcoming Falcon-9 launch in Vandenberg, California, now scheduled for September 29.


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