A 2nd-gen Grasshopper + A new video of first hop

October 1, 2012 9:26 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

The latest issue of the print version of Space News has an article about the recent SpaceX Grasshopper brief flight test.

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Michael Martin-Smith
My understanding is that these first three Grasshopper flights were powered by Merlin 1D engines- which have been tested in hot fire ground runs also, ready for the sixth Falcon 9 missions; Mar 1 should see the last ( and fifth) flight of the Merlin 1C. Merlin 1D is is to operate at a thrust on launch of 147,000 Lbf - a good 50 % more than the first Merlin engines, and 20%+ more than the Merlin 1C The Merlin 1D will have 50% longer fuel tanks than the current article - presumably to allow for Read More
6th February 2013 12:57pm
Clark S. Lindsey
I think that is basically right, though I believe they would want the higher performance for the expendable F9/FH as well.
6th February 2013 2:00pm
Rick Papo
The changes to the engine bay and size of the rocket are both consistent with the new Grasshopper being built from the newer (as yet untested) version of the Falcon 9 first stage that is scheduled to be used from Q1 2013, and which is supposed to be the basis for the Falcon Heavy.
7th November 2012 3:26am
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