Blue Origin carries out crew capsule pad escape test

October 22, 2012 6:00 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

An announcement from Blue Origin:

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Comments (3)

Excellent Test! All the same, though, when I consider that this is meant to test for an eventual crew escape system (i.e., there'll be people on board)... *Yee-OuCH!* Granted they need to get the crew away from an anomalous launcher as quick as possible, but still, at the end of that batouttahell flight, the recovery team may have to bring vaccuum cleaners to suck up the people-pudding that'll be found at the bottom of that capsule.
23rd October 2012 6:34am
Beautiful test. Still not impressed with Blue Origin, given that the company was founded a dozen years ago - two years *before* SpaceX - and has had the bottomless resources of the Bezos fortune at its disposal the whole time. In that whole time, they've replicated the DC-X flight, made an *unsuccesful* run to 45,000 feet, and done an engine test. Now this. A little less "gradatim," a little more "ferociter," if you please, Mr. Bezos.
23rd October 2012 5:57am
Bennett In Vermont
Good for them, an us! The same gentlemanly nod to the help they received from the NACA branch of NASA, and a beautiful step towards reusable HSF.

I'm impressed. 2013 may be the year things kick into high gear.

22nd October 2012 8:56pm
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