DARPA developing microsat constellation orbited with air-launch system

December 19, 2012 12:16 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

DARPA is planning a constellation of 24 micro-satellites (~20kg range) each with 1 meter imaging resolution:

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christopher wilkinson
In general I agree with you, but it may not be the general overall capability they're trying to test, so a technology/mission specific program with one contractor might be appropriate in this case. DARPA seem to be asking for two things: fast production and fixed price within 90 days to launch. To me, I'm guessing this might imply an automated production process in a clean room facility, whereas all satellites are made largely by hand now - expensive and slow. There may be no data or Read More
10th January 2013 2:59pm
Clark S. Lindsey
I see your point for satellites. The general knowledge of how to build satellites already exists. Funding an improvement in satellite manufacture such as automation would be a useful thing to do. I'm more concerned about the launcher. Right now there is no proven way to provide low cost launch, especially for small payloads. In that situation, it is better to pursue multiple paths and let the fittest one survive.
10th January 2013 9:11pm
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