Elon Musk debuted video of latest Grasshopper flight at SXSW

March 9, 2013 4:20 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

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So was that a total flight time of 34 seconds, or hover time at altitude of 34 seconds? The video shows multiple views, so hard to gauge from the video.
11th March 2013 9:30am
And the single camera view makes it clear total flight time is 34 seconds.

I would like to see them reproduce the Lunar Lander Challenge conditions with something 10X the size. That would be interesting to see and a great test.

12th March 2013 12:57pm
Did anybody else notice on top of the Grasshopper's landing structure..., thar be a'standin thar, a cert'n hitchhik'n Man(nequin) In Black?

Elon, I love your poetic license (and humor)!

11th March 2013 8:40am
very, very cool. blue origin will have to show something impressive soon if they want to be taken seriously compared to spacex.
10th March 2013 9:41am
Dear Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and all other Big Aerospace companies: Do YOU have a giant reusable 10-story VTVL rocket? Tsk tsk.
9th March 2013 10:01pm
Great to see steady progress on this. Presumably, to go hypersonic they will need more streamlined/retractable landing gear, something much more like what will be used in a production launcher.
9th March 2013 3:12pm
9th March 2013 2:47pm
Clark S. Lindsey
Looks impressive!
9th March 2013 2:53pm
Andrew Platzer
9th March 2013 1:38pm
Clark S. Lindsey
9th March 2013 2:54pm
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