FAA Conf. Wed Afternoon, pt. 1 - notes

February 6, 2013 2:46 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

Panel | Congressional Staff Perspectives
Mike Gold, Bigelow Aerospace (Moderator)
Ann Zulkosky, Senior Professional Staff, U.S.

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Comments (3)

D. Messier
Bingham seems unable to admit the obvious: Congress has been unwilling to prioritize properly on human spaceflight. The most important thing is getting us back into LEO and freeing us from dependence on the Russians. Instead, Congress has given top priority to SLS and Orion. it has prioritized jobs over NASA's programmatic requirements. Again.
6th February 2013 7:28pm
Rand Simberg
In other words, actually doing things in space isn't as high a priority as safety. Someone should write a book about that.

I sure won't miss Ray LaHood.

6th February 2013 12:46pm
Good grief. No one (except Tony Detora) can bring themselves to acknowledge reality--that a decade and $20B spent on SLS will mean a decade and $20B LOST for missions and payloads?

Big sigh.

6th February 2013 12:15pm
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