Inspiration Mars Briefing

February 27, 2013 1:06 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

The Inspiration Mars press briefing has started at the Nat.

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another big source of profits for Photoshop ... :) :) :)
28th February 2013 7:19am
The nice thing about a program like this -- with its very exacting deadline -- is that there's no latitude for BS. The only way it would have ANY chance of happening is if they had the resources to begin full-throttle development, like, yesterday. Which apparently they do, and did. So for now they're in the game. Two years from now, they'll need to have raised the funds for the rest of the mission, have their flight(s) on somebody's manifest, have done testing of all critical sub-systems on Read More
28th February 2013 2:27am
Coastal Ron
It really does seem as more of a money issue and the gating item than anything else to do this. That they haven't explicitly partnered with SpaceX or Bigelow is not a problem at this point, but I think it will be pretty obvious by the end of Tito's two year funding commitment whether it will happen - collecting quarters from school children is not going to make this happen, it will need to be companies with large marketing budgets like Red Bull.
27th February 2013 12:22pm
Rick Boozer
Yeah, like Delos Harriman did in Heinlein's The Man Who Sold the Moon
27th February 2013 2:38pm
Rick Boozer
"Taber MacCallum for President"
Wouldn't go that far. For one thing he needs to read the Booz-Allen-Hamilton report.
27th February 2013 12:10pm
Bennett In Vermont
Yeah, it was just a thought. :-) It was great to see a panel of people speak so clearly and with such commitment. I watched the press conference and have to say that they knocked it out of the park. I had never seen Mr. Tito speak, but man o man does he have backbone or what? Classic moment "Of course I want to beat China to Mars. Don't YOU want America to beat China to Mars? Who here in this room doesn't want America to beat China to Mars?" They had all the bases covered and I'm really Read More
27th February 2013 12:53pm
Bennett In Vermont
Taber MacCallum for President
27th February 2013 11:12am
Oh sure, these are the guys that willingly lent their time and expertise to what is demonstrably the most naive and idiotic and indeed the most expensive life support system experiment in human history short of the macroscopic planetary experiment we are running on the planet now. The biosphere fraud. I wouldn't trust these guys supplying oxygen to grandma. That being said, at the very least this will drive home the need for simple carbon dioxide management in cabins. They could have been doing Read More
28th February 2013 8:08am
If he doesn't have the money right now, it's not gonna happen. :( But as long as he's serious about pouring what money he does have into it, that will still have a significant stimulative effect on R&D in this field. :)
27th February 2013 10:36am
Rick Boozer
I hate the part where it is said that SLS and the "program of record" are a necessary follow up for Mars exploration. Otherwise, I think the concept has potential, but as the proverbial Zen master said, "We shall see".
27th February 2013 10:34am
"I hate the part where it is said that SLS and the "program of record" are a necessary follow up for Mars exploration."

I wouldn't worry about that. He, like most people, probably just thinks we need a heavy lift system but probably wouldn't care if SLS was replaced by one that actually could deliver.

That's what I think anyway. They are afterall going full commercial on this thing.

27th February 2013 4:23pm
Bartosz Malinowski
I can't tell anything for sure about US politics, but it could be true that they are affraid they could antagonize the pro-SLS lobby by merely planning a mission like this one. So I suppose this could a be necessary "politically correct" statement.
28th February 2013 5:30am
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