More about rumored private lunar development project

November 17, 2012 2:20 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

In an earlier post, I mentioned that this article discussed a rumor about a private organization planning to carry out an ambitious manned Moon landing and lunar base program.

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I can see how and why you would do this. Why: To sell data and access to NASA/ESA/JAXA et al (Oh you can't afford to return to the moon? Well we can. Here is our moon access want to rent it?). How: Assemble in LEO a modest fuel depot, a deep space version of a BA330 with a SEP maneuvering unit, and a grey dragon (heat shield & atmospheric landing system’s removed with extra fuel). Tug this assembly unmanned & unfueled to L1 or Low Lunar orbit with a SEP shuttle. Once the assembly Read More
19th November 2012 3:58pm
Yes, your scenario seems like the most efficient way of doing it. Still, one would be spending a lot of money while generating little ongoing income. I invite you to visit, read, and sign that petition which would open up the solar system by harvesting lunar ice for propellant.
22nd November 2012 8:38am
Brian H
Like. Very functional, with lots of options.
27th November 2012 11:28am
MaDeR Levap
Until proven otherwise, I will assume this is bondoogle like Mars One and similiar scams. Sorry, but I do not see commercial case for Moon or Mars in predictable future.
19th November 2012 4:17am
Brian H
Fair enough; the fundamental question is, what does the Moon (or Mars) have that Earth will pay for? Tourism and adventure will carry part of the freight, but not enough. Maybe reduced grav longevity (different from micro-grav)? "Mistress"'s hypothesis of diamonds doesn't cut it. H3 might, but there're lots of IIF conditions on that, too.
27th November 2012 11:26am
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