NASA confirms cancellation of Nanosat Launcher Challenge

November 27 2012 09:56:25 PM | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

As hinted earlier, NASA has pulled the rug out from under Space Florida and the teams that had put a lot of work into preparing to compete in the Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge:

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Comments (6)

I think that cancelling the challenge like that was a bad move. It will make people think twice in the future whether they will want to invest their money and participate in another challenge (especially a big one).
I hope they have a really good reason!
28th November 2012 8:35am
Phil Fraering
In the past year I've seen 1.2 million dollars raised by a webcomic (Order of the Stick) and 2 million raised by "Star Citizen," a proposed video game by the creator of "Wing Commander," both of which were fundraising on Kickstarter.
28th November 2012 6:27am
guess NASA needed more money for the SLS dinosaur, eh?
27th November 2012 4:10pm
Harry Tallhat
No they need the money for a life supply of Bondo for all the cracks Orion will have.
27th November 2012 4:29pm
Dark Blue Nine
I suspect the Space Technology Program (STP) that Centennial Challenges falls under is pulling back all uncommitted funds to keep larger field center projects running in advance of the fiscal cliff. The program has weak HQ managers and poor fiscal control, and I'd bet dollars to donuts that they've found themselves overextended in terms of their commitments to their center director masters. SLS/MPCV has similar problems, but there's no indication that these dollars are crossing Treasury Read More
27th November 2012 4:46pm
Clark S. Lindsey
I'm fairly sure that Centennial Challenge prize money can't be shifted to other programs. Before being won, prize programs span multiple years and therefore multiple federal budgets. It was complicated to find a legal way to hold money allocated in one budget year over multiple budget years. Congress wants money that it allocates to be spent in the year it is allocated. I don't know all the details but they eventually worked this out. But it means CC money is special and if a prize is not won, Read More
27th November 2012 8:26pm
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