RBS program canceled + X-37B launch delayed

October 19, 2012 11:45 am Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

The Air Force's RBS (Reusable Booster System) won't be continued:

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Comments (5)

regarding rbs program: that hardly came as a surprise. good thing they're not wasting more money on this when spacex will offer superior capabilities for less money in less time.
19th October 2012 3:59pm
Richard M. David
We hope that all of our dedicated readers enjoy the new comment format. Thank you for patience as we considered several different options.

-- Richard M. David, CEO (NewSpace Global)

19th October 2012 2:37pm
Kirk Dameron
It is better, Richard. I appreciate the fact that you and Clark are working to "keep the place up." Cheers.
21st October 2012 6:47am
In this day and age, a secret is just public knowledge you have to put in a little work to find. The only things people can't know are what they're not looking for in the first place.
19th October 2012 11:22am
How is this secretive when details about this spacecraft are all over the Internet?


19th October 2012 10:06am
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