SpaceX Grasshopper reaches 250 meters

April 22, 2013 9:26 pm Eastern | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

This appears to be a video of the Grasshopper flight that I saw posted on the FAA/AST website briefly last week.

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Grasshopper is proof positive that the official unit of awesomeness in space-related technology is the Elon (or, more often, the milli-Elon).
24th April 2013 12:28am
they didnt show the video footage from the ground on landing in any of the videos and it sorta looked to me based on the shadows that it tilted more than usual. they made pretty impressive legs on it. i wonder what the max angel it can land and not tip.
23rd April 2013 10:01pm
Clark S. Lindsey
It was tilted because it was leaning into the wind. You can see that also in the plume and smoke trails. Impressive that they can deal with substantial wind at this early stage in the test program with such a huge vehicle.

Its legs are quite massive. I expect they can take a lot of tilting. Will be interesting to see the operational leg design and how robust they will be.

23rd April 2013 10:13pm
Dave Klingler
That is...a hell of a thing.
23rd April 2013 11:08am
Admit it guys. Elon has made it clear that this is a testbed that they will test to its maximum tolerances, and have no qualms about it crashing. And deep down - we're can't wait to see how awesome that will be.
23rd April 2013 10:45am
Zed Noir
Elon posted alternate youtube video link without the Johnny Cash music on his twitter account
23rd April 2013 5:14am
Dave Salt
Looks like this video uses background music that causes the YouTube 'censor' to block it being played in Germany :-(

Any links to the raw video?

23rd April 2013 12:49am
Wonder what the Germans have against Johnny Cash?

Unless they thought by his Man in Black moniker, he was an SS fanboy and his music had secret messages when played backwards. (it's that or they're peeved Elon didn't opt for polka)

23rd April 2013 5:12am
Kirk Dameron
Good, solid, stepwise progress with the first instance of a Grasshopper test vehicle. Great to see this.

WIth the second instance test vehicle now being built, on a 30%-longer tank, and the announced plan to begin doing pseudo-returns and overwater pseudo-landings on every Falcon 9 after the second-stage separates from the first stage, we should observe test progress at many parts of the flight test envelope.

22nd April 2013 8:57pm
Kirk Dameron
Clarifying: i mean that the Falcon 9 v1.1 versions of the rocket, scheduled for launch this summer, will begin to do pseudo-return flights down to the water for each booster after it has separated from the second stage.
23rd April 2013 3:11pm
Chris W
What I wanna know is....where's the cowboy? I think I see him...
22nd April 2013 8:14pm
this impresses me even more than the flawless first launch of antares...
22nd April 2013 7:23pm
Dick Eagleson
In addition to entrepreneurship and technical perspicacity Elon Musk also deserves accolades for appreciating that the conquest of the Universe really needs a suitable soundtrack too. Bernie Taupin's original lyrics are too whinge-y, really, but with better words, Elton John would be a good accompaniment to the first successful F9-first-stage-return-to-launch-site mission; <i>Rocket Man</i> for the liftoff and <i>The ***** is Back</i> for the RTLS touchdown.
22nd April 2013 7:09pm
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